1Just down the road!
The last few months have been a bit chaotic around here – planning a cross country move ‘some-time in the future’ (you know – perhaps this year some time?) ended up in us making a very quick decision to move to our dream town at the very beginning of February!

Once a decision like that is made there is no alternative but to go with the flow! We have moved from a grey city in the heart of England, 200 miles north to a small market town only 4 miles from the sea in the North-East of England with harbour towns, quiet, empty beaches, starry night skies and a whole host of castles but a hop skip and a jump away.

So whilst we are still in the midst of unpacking boxes and I set up temporary studio space in our home until I find a suitable space to rent, we couldn’t be happier. With the best second hand bookshop within walking distance and so many new things to explore we have been going for walks on the beach, bundling ourselves up against the cold February winds and I am excited to see how this new location and lifestyle will influence my artwork as I begin working on a new series of paintings.

I have taken some time to update a few elements of my workshops and have a couple of announcements for you. I will soon be planning a brand new ecourse once I am fully settled in and will begin writing that fairly soon (watch this space – no release date as yet but I will keep you posted!).

In the meantime I am announcing (after many requests) that I will be runningUnearth Gather Create as a live course once again. This is the first time since Spring 2015 and it will be the only time I will run it in 2016. Of course it is now available as a Self-study version but I know some students love the interaction of a ‘live course’, the community of other students and feedback and critique that is much easier for me to give as the course content is released over a period of weeks. So the new course will begin on 28th March 2016 and will run over 7 weeks (6 weeks with a week break in the middle).

As my most recent session of Drawn to Expression draws to a close and after the third time running it as a live course, I am now releasing this popular course as available for Self-study. The work that has been coming out of the classes is incredible and students have taken leaps and bounds in becoming more expressive in their drawings and feeling a greater sense of freedom in drawing from within. To read more about the course you can go to my
Art School website here.

“The course is everything I wanted and needed – I thoroughly recommend it.”  Suki White

“This course helped me to draw/paint like myself like no other course has. When I look back through my work, I am excited by what I see and what I see is ME.  I allow myself to go further, and sometimes to stop earlier to produce more expressive art that’s true to me. I think less about what others may like or not like. “

Mary Evans

I am overwhelmed by the feedback I have been getting for my e courses and am just delighted to be able to share some of my experiences of creating art and keep on learning myself as I go. That is what art means to me – an ongoing journey of discovery.

Thank you as ever for your interest and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me at mail@gillianleesmith.com. I hope to be rather more regular in my updates in the future!

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