I am very excited to announce that on Monday 3rd of August I will be opening registration for a brand new e-course!

This course has been in my heart and mind for a few months now and I am finally ready to bring it to you. The course start date is 7th September and it is a four week course in Expressive Drawing.

Most folks will know I love painting – but my real passion is drawing – expressively. That joyful act of making marks on a page. If you visit here regularly then you will know that like many artists I suffer from periods of procrastination and doubt – and it is always the simple and expressive act of drawing that helps me push on through.

So without further ado here are a few details and you can find out more here at my Gillian Lee Smith Art School website.

If you head on over to the website then you will find a full description, FAQ’s, and testimonials from my previous on-line teaching.


A brand new E-course beginning Monday 7th September 2015

Every  mark tells a story. Every line is an expression – an unearthing of you as an artist.


A whisper or a shout – the language of drawing. As unique as your way of communicating – dialect, accent, intonation, phrasing, – a whisper, a statement, or a shout.


Drawing is not just a visual exercise but a way of imparting your energy and emotions to the paper with very little hampering your ability to leave your mark – you can feel every line, every mark, every stroke. It is a physical act – your touch – your connection – heart to hand to paper.

I love all forms of creating art, but drawing materials never fail to inspire me to stretch and grow as an artist. They enable me to create freely and in the moment …. to liberate me from the idea of perfection … and to embrace unpredictability.

They allow me to capture ideas quickly any time, any where – imagery which can then be worked up to more complete works of art in the studio.

They help me overcome fear of making a mark in a way that other materials cannot.

So this course is about drawing – about making a mark … and then making another …. and then another.

It is about getting to the table, or the easel and staying there because we don’t want to be anywhere else.

I have collected together many ideas from my time at art college, my sketchbooks and many techniques and ways of being expressive from my years since in order to help you discover ways of loosening up and being more expressive in your practice.


I am excited to be working on this course and have lots of fun and freeing exercises to film over the coming weeks so watch out for some sneak peaks in future blog posts.

Meanwhile I have a few conte portraits to finish up for July and you just never know – one of them might be appearing as a lesson in the upcoming course!

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